Black history is threaded with the interwoven legacies of icons from different eras and arenas, all connected by a common cause: The unending fight for freedom at the root of equality and justice for all.

Roots of Fight celebrates Black History Month paying tribute to our partners who turned their triumphs into an even higher calling, transcending who they were as athletes and activists to create opportunities for others. These champions of civil rights channeled their energy into a positive force for good; inspiring their community as well as each other through their unique achievements. Each journeyed to greatness on their own, yet used their time in the spotlight to shine that light on the struggles of so many fighting the oppression of systemic, institutional racism.

Some raised their voice, while others wrote stories. Some took to the stage, while others took to the streets. Some funded businesses while others opened them. Regardless of their means, their activism was necessary and made an indelible impact on the course of history.

Collectively, these icons of inclusion prove that greatness has a history of giving back. Watch our timeline and emails throughout the month as we continue the celebration of Black History.

“Kicking off this Creative Partnership with Roots of Fight for the Black History collection couldn’t be more perfect. These icons inspired me not only by what they accomplished, but also due to the simple fact that they could not - would not - be uprooted from their convictions to make positive and fundamental change. They believed in themselves and they believed in their purpose and these are the attributes we need to instill in one another.” - Daniel J. Watts (@dwattswords)