"Train tirelessly to defeat the greatest enemy, yourself, and to discover the greatest master, yourself.” –Shi Su Yan

As an extension of our Muay Thai collection we are excited to announce a brand new collaboration with Johnny Hunt and Ilaria Urbinati — Shaolin Kung Fu!

Shaolin Kung Fu has always been a symbol of Chinese martial arts, a Taoist philosophy of the East that goes back to the ancient Shaolin Temple in Song Mountains, Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. It was there, nestled deeply into the shrouded forests of the Shaoshi, that the monks developed what would become the cradle of all martial arts some 1,500 years ago.
In pop culture Shaolin Kung Fu carries not only the deep reverence of early, civilized cool, but of a fun vibrancy with bursting color. The symbols themselves convey the ancient mysteries. The yin and yang. The tiger and the dragon. The crane, the leopard and the snake, tracing back to the earliest origins of martial arts. The meanings themselves extend to the very beginnings of Zen Buddhism and carry the potency of the art itself into the modern day. Shaolin Kung Fu is many things.

The concept of the fist. The mystical powers within. Serpentine intuition. A steady beat back to the baddest set of monks that ever walked this planet.

With this new line we pay tribute to both the spiritual birthplace of martial arts as well as the vibrant color bursts of cult favorite ‘80s kung fu films —all while celebrating the enduring power of Shaolin Kung Fu.